New Design Computer Chair -Comfort your back(6 ways to adjust)

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New Design Computer Chair -Comfort your back

  • Most of computer chair could NOT be adjustable and comfort your back.

  • If you have spinal problems or your back hurts, please use this new design chair especially for using or playing computers.

  • This chair adjust base on your high and your body. From children to the elder can use this new design chair.

  • This chair can relief your back hurts and make more comfort your back.

  • There are seven adjustable position ( please see figure).

  • can keen down or lie down chair 


FULL Expansion Size :44*100*61CM  17.3X40X24 inch

Computer Chair Size :44*72*82CM  17.3X28.3 X32.2 inch

體工學多功 能電腦椅-跪姿椅-貼心椅-健康椅-美姿椅-人體功學椅-人體工學椅-


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