Dr. Neck and Shoulder Tapping Massager

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Dr. Neck and Shoulder Massage Tapping  

  1. The new designed Neck and shoulder Massager acting on your neck, shoulder, back, waist and thigh by tapping

  2. 2 pcs of electric hammers tapping  massage tapping massage your body together at the same time

  3. Sung Body-Hugging design for a comfortable and targeted massage

  4. 5 automatic massage programmers with different intensity level for your selection

  5. It stops working after 15 minutes as a circule  


  1. To help you relax shoulder and neck, back waist and leg muscles

  2. To stimulate acupuncture points to reduce fatigue and promote physical and mental relaxation

  3.  To improve blood-circulation

  4. To help you relax tense nerves, reduce stress

  5. To reduce muscle soreness and stiffness


Product can use for

  1. Acting on Neck and Shoulder: to help relieve shoulder muscle pain and relax stiff muscles excluded

  2. Acting on the back:  To reduce the pain on the back caused by wrong posture

  3. Acting on abdomen: stimulating the acupuncture on the abdomen and to build a prefect and curvaceous fighre

  4. Acting on the buttocks: improving the hip curve and compacting hip muscle

  5. Acting on tight: Sculpturing the slender lines of you legs and eliminate leg fatigue

  6. Acting on calves:  tapping massaging to compact calves muscles 


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