SOSRO Natural Dental Oral Rinse Mouthwash (Made from Tea Leaf Extract) FDA Approved Made in Japan

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SOSORO is 100% pure and natural mouth water, a natural plant extract. It is highly effective in killing germ, preventing plague and maintatining high quality oral hygiene, while eliminating bad breath. Beacuse it is non-toxic, it has no side effects and dose not harm the body when swallowed. Recommended for the whole family, smokers and those who wish to achieve high quality oral hygienic health.

SOSRO is flushed is 'Wad' dirt in the oral interaction such as catechins and acid, can be cleaned in the oral cavity.In addition, tea leaf extracts as well as most of the stuff in the vegetable oil comes, does not use any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Sweet and fresh flavours such as Mint plus lemon tea in the tingle and irritation that is no.

It is made in Japan 

FDA Approval

Volume: 500ml

Made from: Tea extract honeysuckle lemon menthol stevia xylitol

How to use :

You can use morning and night and after meal (no limited )

Use 10 to 15 ml do to mouth SPA and keep inside a mouth  1 to 2 minutes  to Spit it out it is not necessary use clean water rinse your month 

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