Magnetic Massaging Hairbrush, Enhance and Invigorate Your Appearance (Patent Products)

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 Magnetic Brush for Massaging Hair and Enhance Your Appearance and Invigorate

Patent # 882158633 

 Magnetic Brush is different from common brushes. This brush comes from dual-functionality. Magnetic brush allows you to use the soft bristles in your head and face and smooth side of the massage of the brush’s bristles work together to stimulate the cerebral cortex and facial nerves while the smooth side of the brush together with magnet create an unequivocally relaxing massage.

This fantastic new brush has already received an overwhelming reception in Japn, south Korea, USA and southeast Asian countries and now for the first time being marked in the USA.

The feature of Magnetic brushes:


·         Hair preservation and regeneration.

·         Reduces hair loss and dandruff and return healthy shines and luster to your hair

·         Stimulate blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis

·         Relax and clear your mind, relieve muscular strain, neurasthenia and migraine headache

·         Smooth side of broches use as massaging devices to lessen wrinkles and smooth your skin.

·         Relaxing Massage of the brush on your tired hands and feet.

·         Cuticular  skin cells will also be invigorated and old, dry, chapped skin will disappear

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