NEW ASAHI 3D Electronic Shiatsu and Tapping Body Massage Seat cushion (AS-789)

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NEW ASAHI 3D Electronic Shiatsu and Tapping Body Massage Seat cushion 



Never before has there been a massager that will hit all the points needed in a perfect sequence until now. Our new Shiatsus & Back Massinger will give your customers a level of comfort that was only dream able few years ago. This massage cushion has 3 massage variations- full back, lower back, and upper back massage. Deep kneading and rolling massages at the neck, upper back and lower back help relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Built-in double vibrating motors at the hip relaxes the body and strengthen metabolism. Unique up-down motion of the massage nodes was designed with the concept of somatology. Multiple massage heads work together to imitate real full body kneading and rolling massage with human hands.


  • Elongated kneading massager alleviates tension and stiffness in the neck
  • Travelling head massage mechanism provides a relieving massage up and down the whole back area
  • The combination of back and neck massage, seat vibration, and heat smooth tight and sore muscles
  • Remote control enables you to select the types of massages you want
  • 3 different vibration massage modes and built-in auto timer
  • For use at home, office or in your vehicle with a convenient 12V adapter
  • Release Fatigue, Promote blood circulation  
  • Feel like real person massage
  • Dynamic squeeze massage, more comfortable.
  • Deep-kneading shiatsu massage
  • Back massage nodes can target specific areas you like.


Product Specifications

Voltage / Frequency: 110V / 60HZ Power: 12V DC ( include home adaptor and car adapter)

Measurement: 32.5″ x 16.5″ x 18.5″

Item Weight: 12.75 LBs

Gross Weight (Unit): 14 LBs 


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