Asahi Shiatsu Massage Pillow AS-130(Out of Stock)

Asahi Shiatsu Massage Pillow AS-130(Out of Stock)

Product no.: AS-130
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  • AcHome adapter andn car included output12V-2A
  • 6 rolling massage rodes with infrared heating , forward and reserve lneading
  • Cover Pulsh and mesh fabric
  • With seat belt on back to fixed on the chair 
  • One simple button for whole function: PUSH ON/OFF
  • Production Dimension: 36X20X18CM 


  • Effectively stimulates the acupuncture points all over the body to promote blood and lymph airculation, harmonize vital functions and strengthen the immune system
  • Experience the firm and penetrating  massage effects which assist in stubborm fat burning and elimination of toxins enable a deep satate of relaxation and well being
  • The penetration of far infrared heat expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood blow and promotes the regeneration and oxygenation
  • Equipped with smoother massage roller to provide better contour to all massage areas especially the unreachable body parts for perfect massage effects



Lightweight and compact size great for traveling, trips or for use 

   at the workplace

Ergonomic design to provide soothing support for your head 

   and neck

Made of high quality material attached with as string for your convenience

Benefits for the widest variety of common ailments

Equipped with an overheat protection device for safety purpose

* Wall adapter and Car adapter INCLUDED!

At home,  In office,  In car

Neck   Abdomen   Calf   Lower Back   Upper Back   Thigh


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