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Shiatsu Infrared Massage Pillow, with Heat, Heavy Duty


Product Features:

  • Arc-shaped ergonomics design,elegance appearance

  • Infrared heating makes massage more comfortable

  • Four-high frequency simulation hand massage

  • Kneading massage forward and reverse for setting makes that there is no massage dead angle.

  • Equipped with both family and vehicle-mounted power plug, god thread gluing, convenient to be carried, flexibly operated, low electricity consumed, safe and reliable.

SHIATSU Infrared Massage Pillow / original one


・Lightweight and compact size great for traveling, trips or for use 

   at the workplace

・Ergonomic design to provide soothing support for your head 

   and neck

・Made of high quality material attached with as string for your convenience

・Benefits for the widest variety of common ailments

・Equipped with an overheat protection device for safety purpose


* Wall adapter and Car adapter INCLUDED!


・At home,  In office,  In car


Neck   Abdomen   Calf   Lower Back   Upper Back   Thigh



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