AQUOLIA™ SW300 PH-neutral Hydrogen rich mineral water generator With extract Glass glass pitcher

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One Generator and One Pitcher for addtional use


Key Features

  • pH level close to Neutral – Not Alkali Ion Water which is not suitable for infant
  • High Active-Hydrogen Radical Content
  • Inhibits Harmful Hydroxyl Radical
  • Reduces Harmful Trihalomethane
  • Reduces Unwanted Chlorine
  • Preserves & Adds Good Minerals
  • Maintains Oxygen
  • Preserves Quality more than 72 hours even after Chilling & Boiling
  • High Reduction Potential
  • Low Surface Tension, around 50-55 dyne/cm being well absorbed in Human Body (Tap Water, 75-80 dyne/cm)
  • Chilling or Boiling preserves above features

What makes you happy drinking Hydrogen mineral water?


Healthy life

·         Sleep tight

·         Reduced fatigue

·         Improved constipation

·         Reduced muscular pains

·         Quick health recovery

·         Improved bowel movement and decreased the smell

·         Improved gum problems


Healthy skin

·         Fresh looking skin

·         Reduced spots

·         Reduced pimples

·         Reduced itchy feeling

·         Improved constipation

·         Reduced gray hair

·         Reduced hair loss


Healthy food

·         Better tasting coffee/tea

·         Regained freshness of vegetables after soaking

·         Better tasting food after boiling

·         Helped minerals absorption

·         Healthy diet with zero calories

·         Helped plant

  • Electrolysis by Ultra-High Frequency Alternate Current (3000 cycle/second)
  • Generates Active Hydrogen Radical H• (Not H2 Molecule)
  • Traps Active Hydrogen Radical H• in Minerals for Hours
  • Inhibits Hydroxyl Radical •HO for about 72 Hours
  • Platinum Plated Three Titanium Mesh Electrodes
  • Two Magnecium Alloy Plates in Plastic Capsules
  • Only 10-20 Minutes to Create Active-hydrogen-rich Mineral Water
  • Zero water wasted unlike Alkaline water machine
  • Invented, Manufactured with Cutting-edge Technology & Best Selling product in Japan.

Why choose our products?

  • While Alkaline Ion Water almost totally wastes minerals which gather on the anode side of the electrode, Aquax/Aquolia keeps all important minerals including chlorine, magnesium and zinc minerals using the alternating current method.
  • Active Hydrogen is said to be trapped in minerals in Aquax/Aquolia water and lasts at least for several hours owing to patented Ultra-high frequency AC electrolysis process.
  • Alkaline Ion Water almost totally removes Oxygen due to DC(direct current) electrolysis process.
  • pH (0-14 levels) indicates whether water is Acid or Alkaline. Aquax/Aquolia’s pH level is neutral at around 7 or a bit lower as Natural water, while Alkaline water’s pH level is strong Alkaline mostly over 8.5-9.0.
  • Because Alkaline water’s pH level is high, an infant should not drink Alkaline water. Consult doctors whether a weak or sick person may drink Alkaline water.
  • Aquax/Aquolia has strong Anti-oxidation owing to Active Hydrogen.
  • Aquax/Aquolia water may be chilled or boiled while maintaining water features.
  • Alkaline water generation process dumps water into the drain.
  • References – Tlacote Water in Mexico in Japanese, Seminar of Late Dr. Hayakawa, About TrihaloMethane, Active Hydrogen water, What is Active Hydrogen

The difference from Alka Ion water


  • When water is broken down by direct electron charge, positively charged minerals as magnesium, calcium, sodium are attracted to the negative pole and negatively charged chloride, oxygen, fluorine and selenium are attracted to the positive pole. Alkaline Ion water refers ONLY to the water in
  • the negative pole that contain positively charged molecules. If we use the water machine sold in the market today, we must discard the water rich in negatively charged molecules however, these molecules: oxygen, chlorine, etc. are necessary for our health in myriads of bodily functions.
  • The difference between Aqua Friends Hydrogen water and Alka Ion water is in the amount of Hydrogen, balance of mineral content, and PH. Hydrogen water contains all kinds of mineral molecules, a incomparable amount of hydrogen and safe neutral PH!
  • The results below are from Mechanism research, animal testing and data analysis combined tests. The discoveries of professor Ota have been widely published on the acclaimed medical magazine “ Nature Medicine” as findings that change the common knowledge, also being shown in the Japanese national channel, NHK

Specification : 

Dimension: Glass Container: 5.1in wide x 8.9in high, Electronic Control Assembly: 6.3in wide x 8in deep x 2.5in high

Weight:Approximately 2.1 lb

Power Source:  AC 110volt – AC/DC Adapter converts AC 110volt to DC 24volt

Power Consumption:  15VA (varies depends on tap water quality)

Reduction Electrolysis:  ultra-high frequency alternate current

Output:  0.18~1 gal/min (at 0.15MPa and varies depending on tap water quality)

Water Capacity: 0.15~0.40MPa

Required Tap water Temperature: 41oF~95oF (above 50oF recommended)

Maintenance Cost: If you consume the water 1.5 gals/day, the yearly cost would be $130/year. (Replacement magnesium stick)

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