Luxury Bidet Feel Fresh 3001 Elongated Type

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Bidet Overview

The Feel Fresh 3001 Bidet offers a sleek design and uncompromised luxury. The Feel Fresh HI-3000/1 Bidet is designed with features that will help you enjoy the health benefits and cleansing benefits of using the HI-3000/1 Bidet.

Health Benefits

Research reveals that Bidet's help with: Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea, Rashes, Urinary Infections, Vaginitis, Surgical Patients, Cancer Patients, and Elderly.


A luxury bathroom fixture that offers comfort and hygiene at an affordable price.



Toilet Fit Shape

Round and Elongated



win spray nozzles provide different and superior cleaning patterns.

Water spray and temperature is adjustable to your individual comfort.


Slow Close Lid and Seat provides a quiet and safe close every time.


Comfort of an adjustable heated seat. Perfect for those cool winters and acts as a stimulator.

Additional product information

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